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“I adored the class.  I learned to make sauerkraut and the difference between making it and buying it product-wise.  The venue was great, the prep was well executed and ready, participation was interesting and fun.” -Angela

I was so glad I went to one of Jenny’s workshops. I thought I knew a lot about the microbiome and gut health but she had a lot more information to offer. She made the workshop educational as well as fun by making it a hands-on, fermented food making experience. I loved the recipes she gave us. I learned lots of new ways to make sauerkraut.

Karine Hovsepian

Graphic designer, Sage Publishing

I took a very interesting class about food fermentation from Jenny Pandol last summer. In it I learned the health benefits of fermented foods and the variety and simplicity of making them. We were able to ask questions and received thoughtful, helpful responses from this warm, supportive instructor. I was able to stop taking pharmaceuticals for my reflux immediately, something I had not been able to do before. I highly recommend the class and the instructor.

Jennifer Bowles

Jenny’s workshop on fermentation,  where we learned  how simple it is to turn cabbage slaw into a wonderful healing fermented sauerkraut, was so much fun.  Plus, and I suppose foremost, it was an informative and enlightening event.  Our health is considered our most important asset, the hub for all we wish for in our lives, and this workshop began a process of understanding as well as implementing healthy ways of treating ourselves.   I know her work shop continues throughout the summer and  I recommend this series highly.

Teri Kierbel

Jenny’s class on sauerkraut  was fun and  very informative.  She didn’t just teach us to make delicious sauerkraut but also  about the different types and benefits of the probiotics  it contains. Jenny’s passion for the subject is obvious and I’m looking forward to taking more fermentation classes from her.

Dan Vigna

Nutrition and lifestyle changes

I implement gradual nutrition and lifestyle changes, creating an individualized plan to promote optimal health and life balance.

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