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Fermented courses


Immune boost, Improved digestion ,Body alkalization, Nutrient absorption, Balancing dysbiosis, Improved Mood and Energy.


Digestion with enzymes, Immunity boost, Nutrient absorption, Balancing dysbiosis (i.e. Candida), Mood and Energy, Cancer and Disease Prevention.


Improved digestion, Improved immunity, Rich in vitamins, Rich in protein, Cancer prevention, Antibiotic, Antifungal and Vitamin rich (including B1, B6 and folate).


Improved digestion, Improved immunity, Increased liver support and detoxification, Joint support, Weight loss and Beneficial yeast S. Boulard.

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Wellness Products

Looking for great probiotics and healthy gut replenishing products

Fermentation Workshop

You will make your own jar of sauerkraut in the workshop to take home.

Personal Health Coaching

I help you be your most energetic and productive self in 4 months or less 

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