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For more than 30 years I have dealt with digestive discomfort and unease. Since working with Jenny, not only has my digestion improved, but also my mood and energy. I am better able to handle stress, can take on more. I would like to acknowledge her incredible knowledge in the field and her awareness of testing and knowing how to come up with a detailed program that works.
–Tom Evons

At 35 I thought I should be in the prime of my life, but I was struggling. I was in a new marriage that was failing miserably. We had just moved to a new town, my support system was limited and my new job was very stressful. With the compounding stress and unease, I noticed my health suffering terribly and felt I no longer had control over my own health.

It was as if a damn broke and all these ailments seemed to appear out of nowhere. For me, stress was the trigger. It seemed like overnight, I gained 20 pounds, I was bloating after everything I ate, I was fatigued, had brain fog, anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in my life. My hair was falling out, I was getting acne and my hormones were a mess, I had no regularity to my cycle. All these symptoms on top of a failing relationship and a stressful job had me waking up every morning in tears, wishing for a new life.

I sought out the best Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctors I could find. Although my health improved working with them, the root of my condition was still causing me symptoms. My fear was that if I didn’t resolve my root cause, I was going to end up with chronic illness, like the thousands of people I have worked with in my nursing career and were suffering, wishing they had never “grown old”.

My drive to figure out how to uncover the root cause and treat it naturally became my mission above all else.

The lessons I learned from the doctors I worked with were valuable, but didn’t really illuminate how to address my root cause in a sustainable way. I felt like I had most of the pieces to the puzzle but the remaining pieces had been misplaced, I had to find them.

For me, I knew that the answers I was looking for were in my gut. I just needed a better way to understand what was going on in there and how to treat it naturally, because I was done with antibiotics for good, they had helped at times, but ultimately, made things worse for me.

I focused on eating the right foods and building up my gut with nutrition, fermented foods and probiotics because intuitively, I knew these were going to help me. I continued to make progress, but it was at a snail’s pace. Even though I was feeling better than ever, I knew that one wrong move and I’d be back to square one.

It was 5 years before I put all the pieces together and found sustained health that I had been craving. I no longer have to worry about food intolerances, digestive discomfort, anxiety or brain fog. The community of experts and mentors were invaluable to my recovery.

Despite being a Registered nurse, the path was not always clear. I understand how difficult it is to get the help you need. I became a Certified Health Coach and Certified Fermenationist to better serve others. Now I am able to help others avoid the long road of figuring everything out on their own.

My clients, who have been struggling for years with anxiety, mood swings, bloating, fatigue, unexplained weight gain, eczema, skin rashes and acne and autoimmune conditions are having relief of their symptoms in 5 months or less rather than the 5 years it took me.

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