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Sauerkraut Fermentation
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I was so glad I went to one of Jenny’s workshops. 

Karine Hovsepian

Graphic designer, Sage Publishing

I took a very interesting class about food fermentation from Jenny Pandol last summer. 

Jennifer Bowles

Jenny’s workshop on fermentation,  where we learned  how simple it is to turn cabbage slaw into a wonderful healing fermented sauerkraut, was so much fun.  

Teri Kierbel

Bring fermented foods into your diet.

Learn how to make your own ferments and gain all the tools you need for probiotic health.


Digestion with enzymes, Immunity boost, Nutrient absorption, Balancing dysbiosis (i.e. Candida), Mood and Energy, Cancer and Disease Prevention.


Immune boost, Improved digestion ,Body alkalization, Nutrient absorption, Balancing dysbiosis, Improved Mood and Energy.


Kefir is more probiotic rich than any other ferment.

Milk kefir is a thick probiotic rich fermented drink.  It is made by adding milk to kefir grains, a culture of bacteria and yeasts appearing milk white.  It is traditionally made with cow’s milk, but can be made with any type of milk, including goat, coconut, almond and more.   Kefir contains both beneficial bacteria and yeasts. 

Water kefir is a great ferment to add fruit to in a secondary fermentation process.  This is a fun way to make your own flavors in a refreshing beverage.  It is a great alternative for those that cannot tolerate milk kefir. 



Improved digestion, Improved immunity, Increased liver support and detoxification, Joint support, Weight loss and Beneficial yeast S. Boulard.

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