Sauerkraut & Pickles

You’ve heard that fermented Sauerkraut & Pickles are good for gut health and you’re ready to add them to your daily routine!!!

They are completely safe to make and eat.  Just spending 20 minutes a month making your fermented Sauerkraut & Pickles will be enough to make a month’s worth of probiotics for one tenth the cost of store bought.

They are packed with probiotics that will not only help your digestion, but they will elevate your energy and clarity of mind.

In this course you will learn Sauerkraut & Pickles together because they are both considered Lacto-Fermented vegetables.  The process of fermentation for  Sauerkraut & Pickles is called Lacto-Fermentation because the probiotics produced in the fermentation of vegetables are the prized lactic acid bacteria that offer flavor and health benefits.

We can assume that Sauerkraut & Pickles have similar health benefits and probiotics given the vegetable content and acidity we are creating, but the preparation is very different for each.   The difference in preparation has to do with the preparation of the brine.

In this course, you will learn the differences in preparation so that you can easily ferment any vegetable you want, whether from your garden, extra vegetables in your kitchen that would otherwise go to waste, or just to try something new.

The Course Curriculum Includes:

  1. The Health Benefits: Sauerkraut & Pickles
  2. The Science: Learn the process of fermentation and the probiotics in each ferment
  3. Step-By-Step: Instructions in 3 different formats (pdf, photo demo and video demo)
  4. Recipes: Make a variety of flavors that will suit your palate and add a special element to every meal
  5. Reading Resources: Dig deeper into the world of fermentation

You will also be invited to our private FB group where you can ask me questions for troubleshooting, tips and tricks, share your fermentation photos and interact with other fermenters on the journey to optimal health.

Fermented vegetables have been made by most cultures around the world for thousands of years.  There are many health benefits to fermenting vegetables besides probiotics.

We have evolved with these bacteria for centuries, but we’ve lost touch with them since the advent of refrigeration and misconception about the role of microbes in our health.   Our overall health is enhanced when we bring them back into our diet.  The bacteria produce beneficial byproducts like vitamins, hormones and anti-inflammatory compounds.  They communicate with other bacteria and our cells to keep our gut terrain and overall health in balance.

Adding Sauerkraut & Pickles to our diet is associated with improved:

  1. Digestion
  2. Immunity
  3. Nutrient Absorption
  4. Mood and Energy
  5. Cancer and Disease Prevention
  6. Maintaining A Healthy Weight

In my online course you will take a deep dive into the health benefits, science behind each fermentation, step-by-step instructions  and the best recipes for each ferment so you have a full understanding and confidence to do it easily and safely in your own kitchen.  With my online FB group you will have all the support you need to make sure you are successful.

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